Organic and Thrifty


Frustrated with the myriad of diet tips out there? Wondering if you need to be dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, or one of the many other “free” ways of life?  Need more energy?  Less stress? Confused about what to do, what to take?  Are you wrestling with your own personal health enigma?
As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I serve clients who are ready to restore balance and become active participants in their preventative and restorative health care.  I love serving clients who seek to know the root cause of their ailments, and who are ready and willing to make the changes necessary for real, permanent healing to take place.
All About You
Most of all, I recognize the bio-individuality of each and every client I work with, and know that not everyone heals the same way, and that not every diet works for every person.  You are unique, and you heal the way you heal, and chances are there’s no book written about how exactly YOU heal!
Fortunately, there are many nutritional pioneers who have paved the way for us to very scientifically pinpoint some of the particulars of what makes YOU unique in how you heal.  Through a comprehensive intake, interview, health history, food journal analysis, and hair analysis we can uncover some major clues to your bioindividuality.  Are you a fast or slow oxidizer?  Sympathetic dominant? What phase of stress response are you in?  All of these questions, along with your obvious symptom burden are taken into account as I create a personalized plan for YOU.
What I do that might be different from a typical alternative healthcare practitioner…..
I employ many diverse assessment tools including mineral tests, pulse analysis, chiropractic (spinal) reflexes, neuro-lymphatic reflexology, lingual-neural testing, food journal analyses, functional blood chemistry, labwork, hair analysis, and most of all, a comprehensive 200-question symptom analysis tool and a thorough health history.  I act as a “personal health investigator” who gathers all the evidence and I analyze the patterns and we get to the heart of the problem.
 My clients can expect me to be:
 *Thorough– I take the time to explain, to gather information, and coach you through the necessary diet and lifestyle changes that are necessary for deep healing.


*Honest–If I don’t know the answer, I will draw from my immense resources and practitioners in my referral network to provide comprehensive care.
*Informative– I love to keep up on the latest research and data that you may not see reported on Oprah!!  I will share resources, articles, recipes– anything that you might want to know for yourself, your family, or your doctor.
 *Encouraging– Sometimes the changes that will be necessary will be difficult at first.  Sometimes the road to healing is longer than we’d like, and we get discouraged. We slip into old ways.  My clients can expect encouragement at every step of the way. This is your journey, and I’m here to support you in your unique timeline.
 *Not Expensive– I believe that the simple things are often the most effective, and that early prevention saves lots of money over the long run.  I also believe in making alternative health care options affordable for everyone.  You can expect my services to be of high quality and professional without breaking the budget.
 *Supportive– My clients are always welcome to contact me directly via phone or e-mail anytime.  The path of healing often takes lots of twists and turns, and things come up that we don’t always expect.  Fine-tuning is expected, and you can’t be expected to always schedule an appointment to see me when you have a question.  Of course, I also work remotely with out-of-town clients via e-mail and telephone.
Sound interesting to you?  Ready to put together some of the pieces of your health puzzle? 
Ready for some answers, support, and most of all, balance and restoration?