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Coffee Alternatives

Coffee Alternatives

Have you seen the new “eco-cup”? It’s awesome!  I was able to bargain for one for free at Office Depot (it’s a long story) not too long ago and I love it!  Now that autumn is becoming a reality, it’s time to think back on the hot beverages that sustain us through the winter.  Although I know I’m in the minority, it seems like we Americans have got to get a grip on our collective coffee additction. Fortunately the stuff makes me feel awful, so I naturally avoid it, but for so many others (and I know you’re out there) it’s a habit, a fix—an addiction?

So today’s post is a simple solution that I think most coffee addicts will appreciate. A brief “commercial” (and my first attempt at videocasting!) on how to make a delicious coffee alternative.  Note: I get no money from any of the companies that produce any of these products. Unless you click on the Amazon link and order something….

Products Used in Video:

Teecino Coffee-Alternative Beverage (I used 2 T per 4 cups of water in my coffee maker)
Raw Goat’s Milk
NuStevia Liquid Vanilla Stevia
EcoCup- ceramic reusable coffee cup