You want to feed your baby the best.  We all do.  As they grow older and begin to eat solids, how can we give them the best start possible with whole foods?   If we take a look at what babies around the world, in traditional cultures are fed, we find that nutrient density is key.  If we take a look at what is for sale on the “baby food” aisle of the grocery store, we see that sugar, white flour, and cheap processed foods abound.  This is conventional wisdom, but is this the best start for babies? Read the rest of this entry »

Goat Milk Formula Recipe

Several weeks ago, I shared the amazing story of my son, Jonathan, in his recovery from “failure to thrive” through the use of raw goat milk formula. In that post, I did not include my recipe, but have since gotten inquiries for it. Google searches for goat milk formula uncover various results, but here’s what worked for Jonathan! Read the rest of this entry »
Jonathan’s Story: How Real Food Healed My Son

The picture above was taken September 17, 2007 when my son, Jonathan, was 3 months old. It’s hard to believe that the face above is the same face as that of my smiling, chubby, 20 month old. Many people don’t believe me when I show them his early baby pictures. How did this sallow-faced, acid-reflux, colicky baby of three months old who was dropping percentiles every month become the thriving, rarely-sick, joyful boy who wears 2T at 20 months? The answer: God’s grace and Real Food. Read the rest of this entry »

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