Sugar Free Creme Brulee!

April 15, 2010
Sugar Free Creme Brulee!

Who doesn’t love Creme Brulee?  It’s an expensive, fancy dish that is usually only available at fancy restaurants, but if made properly, this is a very nutritious, low-carb and sugar free dessert! Read the rest of this entry »

Thursday’s Thrifty Meals on Friday: 5- Layer Dip

This week’s thrifty menu from New Seasons is packed with such flavor that you’ll never believe it’s vegan! Full of veggies and GAPS-friendly ingredients but light on the budget, you can enjoy this simple meal on a Friday or Saturday night!

Read the rest of this entry »

Thursday’s Thrifty Meals from New Seasons

This week’s Thrifty Meal is one I’ve gotten many, many requests for. It’s a winner at potlucks, and it’s the perfect one-pot meal for a busy day when you need to have a nourishing dinner prepared! Best of all, the recipe is composed of ingredients that are simple and inexpensive! Read the rest of this entry »

Thursday’s Thrifty Meals at New Seasons!

Bargain Meal of the Week

This week’s Thrifty Meal from New Seasons is simple, nourishing, and will provide at least three (if not more) additional meals for the freezer or nourishing lunches. Using a thrifty cut of meat that’s on sale at New Seasons, along with a handful of cheap bulk spices (10% off all bulk items right now at New Seasons!) make this easy meal in the morning and forget the dinnertime hassle! Read the rest of this entry »

Frugal and Healthy Meal: Tongue Tacos

I know that the notion of eating tongue is probably totally unappealing to most of you; it was to me for sure. Recently, however, at an authentic Mexican restaurant, I ordered tongue tacos and they were delicious and inexpensive! When I found out that my grass-fed, organic beef farmer sold tongue for $2.50/lb, I had to figure out a way to use it in a delicious way. Here’s what I did, with pictures of the transformation from icky cow tongue to deliciously spicy, shredded beef! Read the rest of this entry »

Menu Plan Monday: A Week of Slow-Cooker recipes!

The challenge this week is going to be getting my slowcooker scrubbed and clean enough to use for the next day! I’m going to wish I had two!
As the lovely Indian Summer we’ve been enjoying here in Oregon fades to dark, cool, and cozy, I’ve been inspired to try something I’ve never done before: An entire week’s worth of Crock-Pot recipes!
Several years ago, my dear mother bought me a simple slow-cooker recipe book that’s been indespensible! I hope dear Mabel Hoffman won’t mind my sharing a few recipes that I’m going to try this week.

Since summer’ s bounty is still being enjoyed from the farmer’s market and CSA, including 13 lbs of plums I picked last week, I found inspiration in the chapter entitled “From the Garden to the Slow Cooker”. I will post my favorite recipes (after we try them) here to share them.

Why Slow-Cooking? Simple. Easy to prepare. Do you have to ask?!?!?! I have found the perfect time in my day to prep my slow-cooker (after coming home from taking Kirsten to preschool, which thankfully is only a 2-minute walk from our house!). I can literally fix it and forget about it until the “natives” are clammouring for food!

This week I’m only posting dinner, since breakfast is always the same rotation of eggs with some sort of veggie and meat (bacon or sausage). Lunches are always leftovers, and I’ve learned to give Kirsten only fresh veggies and 1 “meaty” thing (whether leftovers, soup, or a hot dog) for the three days she takes her lunch to school.

This Week’s Dinners:
Monday: Plum-glazed Asian Chicken (CP), sauteed spinach w/ garlic,ginger, and scallions
To do: Make Ginger-Nectarine Chutney
Tuesday: Ragout of Red Cabbage with Port (CP), Chicken Apple Sausages
To do: Make Marinara Sauce out of all my overripe tomatoes and basil!
Wednesday: Eggplant and butternut squash “fondue” (CP) with a variety of dippers (sugar snap peas, cucumber rounds, carrots, celery, and sunflower seed crackers)
To do: Defrost Ribs.
Thursday: Ribs w/ Ginger-Nectarine Chutney (CP), Sauteed Veggies

Friday: Spaghetti Squash w/ Marinara Sauce

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Leftovers

For more ideas and inspiration, visit the Organizing Junkie!

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