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How Long Does Pine Pollen Last?

Being a single mother has taught me to always look out for natural supplements that work both for myself and my 3-year-old son, Brandon. I have stumbled upon many supplements, but pine pollen, with its tag of ‘fountain of youth’, made a lasting impression on me. This fine dust apparently has many benefits, whether we are talking about my Brandon or the 75-year-old a few blocks down the road.

The Longevity of Pine Pollen

Raw pine pollen endures for as long as the season lasts. I will have to note here that I do not use the powder raw; I buy it off the local store as a packaged supplement. I have been told that the dust can last for years as long as it is stored right. I use clay or glass jars sealed tight and stowed away in cabinets. I have not been able to let my stash sit around for years but I’m told that it can stay fresh in these jars for as long as 36 months.

Taking Pine Pollen

There are people who take this dust raw. Others make a good old tincture out of it and sip away as you would a smoothie. I like opening up the powder capsule and pouring the pollen into my food or drink. As for the kid, I take very small amounts and incorporate it in his food such that there is hardly a change in flavor.

Benefits Observed

I hear that car owners absolutely hate the sight of pollen on their cars, and that the car washers are the main beneficiaries of this spring surge. Well, I love it because I know that pine pollen is to be loved. For me, it breathes a new life to my core after a long day of work. As for Brandon, he grows taller and healthier every day, courtesy of the avalanche of vitamins, enzymes and minerals present in this gold dust.

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