Have you seen the new “eco-cup”? It’s awesome!  I was able to bargain for one for free at Office Depot (it’s a long story) not too long ago and I love it!  Now that autumn is becoming a reality, it’s time to think back on the hot beverages that sustain us through the winter.  Although I know I’m in the minority, it seems like we Americans have got to get a grip on our collective coffee additction. Fortunately the stuff makes me feel awful, so I naturally avoid it, but for so many others (and I know you’re out there) it’s a habit, a fix—an addiction?

So today’s post is a simple solution that I think most coffee addicts will appreciate. A brief “commercial” (and my first attempt at videocasting!) on how to make a delicious coffee alternative.  Note: I get no money from any of the companies that produce any of these products. Unless you click on the Amazon link and order something….

Products Used in Video:

Teecino Coffee-Alternative Beverage (I used 2 T per 4 cups of water in my coffee maker)
Raw Goat’s Milk 
NuStevia Liquid Vanilla Stevia
EcoCup- ceramic reusable coffee cup

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7 Responses to “Coffee Alternatives”

  1. That is a great little video Carrie! :) I love the ‘background kitchen noises’ and the plug by the ever charming Kirsten. My rule of thumb is 2 ‘real’ cups of coffee in the am and 1 in the pm (unless I’m at camp, then all bets are off…ahah). Typically the bottom half gets cold and dumped. Then I switch to tea or something else.
    One beverage I really like is to take fresh mint leaves and pour hot water over, let steep and enjoy. If it cools, you can add ice :)
    Keep up the great ideas!
    Love Aunt Helen (p.s. I’m very plain jane~ not a frappachino/sweet beverage gal. Latte yes…but they have less caffeine then regular coffee. We make those at home too. I’m going to try those additions to our next pot of Teeccino!)

  2. I liked your little commercial! I don’t drink coffee either, and don’t miss it, but do enjoy tea in the winter. I love the cup and will look for it.

    I noticed your water machine – we have one too and love the water. Maybe that can be your next infomercial!

  3. Lisa Identicon Lisa says:

    what is the coffee alternative called again? I don’t see the name of it listed on the page and I am not sure if I heard correctly from the video. Thanks!

  4. carrie Identicon carrie says:

    Thanks for the comment! I just updated the post to include that information!

    Thanks everyone for the feedback! Yes, Sarah, we do love our water machine! I’ll have to do an infomercial about that sometime too!


  5. Meghan Identicon Meghan says:

    I never liked the taste of coffee, not even in ice cream or chocolates, so I decided that it would be silly to try to deliberately acquire a taste for it, as so many people seem to do so that they can take advantage of the caffeine. I managed to make it through college without it, and now that we eat real food, I’m extra glad that I don’t have to try to break an addiction to it!

  6. Tracy Identicon Tracy says:

    This post is great, I actually have the same cup!
    I’ll try the coffee substitute!

  7. Trina Identicon Trina says:

    This is exactly what I have been looking for, thank you so much! I am not an every day coffee drinker, but I do enjoy a cup occasionally. This will be great!

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