As promised in last week’s post on quick, nourishing breakfasts, here’s my recipe for grain-free muffins using almond flour.  These have been modifed from a recipe found in The Grain-Free Gourmet .  They are VERY versatile, and are reminiscent of bran-muffins with a hint of sweetness from honey. Unlike the coconut flour muffins, these are not “eggy” at all and hold together remarkably well. They have all the attributes of wheat flour muffins without the extra carbs…and are a lot more nutritious to boot!  This recipe makes about 12 muffins:

Grain-Free Blueberry Muffins

2.5 cups of almond meal, almond flour, or hazelnut flour (can be made by grinding crispy nuts in a coffee grinder)
3 large eggs
1/4 cup of honey
1/2 tsp. of baking powder
1/2 tsp. of sea salt
1 Tbs. of vanilla extract

1 cup blueberries

Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

Prepare muffin tins with liners or lightly grease with oil or butter.  Mix all ingredients until smooth.

Fold in the blueberries.

Bake for 30-40 minutes.

Optional add-ins:

For zucchini-spice muffins:

1/2 tsp. ginger
1/2 tsp. allspice
1 tsp. cinnamon

1 cup shredded zucchini instead of blueberries

Substitute fresh pitted cherries, or any other desired fruit for the blueberries so that it amounts to 1 cup of fruit.

Add 1 cup of chopped, bittersweet chocolate or unsweetened chocolate chips for a chocolate chip muffin!


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24 Responses to “Grain-Free Muffins”

  1. sara Identicon sara says:

    Thanks! I can’t wait to try it. I think that when I make almond milk, if I dehydrated the pulp, I could use that as the flour, which would be an awesome way to recycle the pulp. But I will try your original method first and see how they turn out.

  2. Gluten free muffins would be impressive enough, but grain free muffins made from nuts and eggs? Almost sounds too good to be true! Thanks for the recipe! Are almond flour and coconut flour typically available at health food stores? I didn’t know it was possible to buy flour from a non grain source.

  3. sara Identicon sara says:

    I made these this morning with the blueberries and they are fantastic! My boys love them too. I am very excited to play around with the base for different variations. My son said chocolate chips would be good (on his own accord), but I am sure he did not mean the unsweetened variety!
    They are very nutrient dense too. I can’t believe how full I am from eating two.
    Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. As a muffin lover who cannot tolerate most muffins these days, this recipe is a GOD send. I almost made the coconut muffins yesterday only to find I didn’t have enough eggs on hand (our pick up time was yesterday afternoon). I have only made those once and they were “eggy” but pretty good with no other options. I am so glad it worked out like that(not enough eggs) so I could try these today!
    By the way, here in the midwest, 30 minutes was almost too long for baking. Next time I may start with 25 minutes and watch them closely.

  4. Marcy Identicon Marcy says:

    What perfect timing! Thanks for posting this recipe because I’ve been planning to make blueberry muffins for my honey but wanted to make them grain free so I can have some too.

  5. carrie Identicon carrie says:


    I am so glad you enjoyed these as much as we do! They are truly the perfect recipe!


    Almond flour and coconut flour are available (at least hear in the NW) in the natural food stores. Alternatively, you can easily grind crispy almonds, in small batches, in a coffee grinder or a food processor (just don’t do it for too long or you’ll end up with almond butter!)

    But yes, I have found that miracles happen with you combine nut flour and eggs!

  6. Carmen Identicon Carmen says:

    These are fantastic! Perfect for a quick breakfast. I didn’t have any blueberries handy so I subbed dried apricots and about 1/2 cup of pecans (I ran out of almonds…more drying now) turned out perfect!

  7. Angela Identicon Angela says:

    Yum! I am making these this weekend to freeze for my 3-Day Breast Cancer walk. Thank you so much! These will be the perfect treat when I need to fuel up. I love everything I find on your site. Thanks for all your share!

    And to Sara, I dry almond pulp from our “milk” all the time, then grind it (again) to use as a flour. It works great.

  8. Bethany Identicon Bethany says:

    I made blueberry ones yesterday and cherry ones are in the oven. I have a feeling the possibilities are endless.

  9. Whitney Identicon Whitney says:

    I know there are already rave reviews on here, but I *had* to comment. I just ate a warm blueberry one and it was AMAZING.

    I used my food processor to grind up the crispy almonds and I was a little worried that it wasn’t fine enough, but the finished texture is very light and delicious! (Granted, I haven’t eaten white flour muffins in a long time, but this was seriously *much* better than I anticipated!) I think even my conventional blueberry muffin loving husband will love them!


    Thank you!

  10. Whitney Identicon Whitney says:

    I forgot to add that 2 cups of crispy almonds turns into 2.5 cups of almond meal in a food processor. I expected a lower measurement of meal the first time I did it (since there was so much air space around the whole almonds when measured), but it always blends up as more.

    I hope that helps others.

  11. mel Identicon mel says:

    I cannot wait to try these! I have been looking all over for a recipe for zuchini muffins/bread that is low carb and healthy! And this one fits the bill. Thanks so much for sharing it!

  12. Ooh, these sound so yummy, Carrie! :)

    By the way, our baby is here! Stop by my blog to see. :) Sometime, I need to get these maternity clothes back to you, too.

    Michele :)

  13. christina Identicon christina says:

    I made these last week for Paul. He really liked them. I really liked them:) because they are super easy to make (not like the other GF foods I bake where you have to measure out 4 different types of flours, etc.). Do you have a grain free “bread” substitute? is there such a thing?

  14. carrie Identicon carrie says:


    I’m so glad Paul enjoyed them! We really like the simplicity of almond and/or coconut flour as well, compared to the complex menagerie of GF flours! You can make a very similar “almond loaf” using basically eggs, almond flour, and honey. I will get you the specific recipe I’ve seen!

    Also, for sandwiches, a nice thick butter lettuce leaf works great as a wrap!

  15. Rachel Identicon Rachel says:

    These are great! The first thing that popped intoy head when I ate the first one was, “Yum! Nutty!” :c)

  16. Athena Identicon Athena says:

    Thanks for the recipe! I’ve tried a lot of nut-flour recipes and this one is good. I think I’d substitute maybe 1/4 cup coconut oil or grapeseed oil along with a little soy milk or water instead of the 3rd egg, since they tasted a touch strongly of egg. But hey, i’m not complaining!! I ate a bunch before they even cooled! :D

  17. The muffin recipe is awesome! Not to dense and has great flavor. Thank you!

  18. Jessie U. Identicon Jessie U. says:

    These are great! The whole family loves them. We have made blueberry and have some chocolate chip in the oven right now!

  19. […] you posted!  I’m most excited at the idea of have breakfasts made ahead of time, such as grain-free muffins, granola, and crustless […]

  20. Aari Identicon Aari says:

    Can’t wait to try these.
    Have you ever tried freezing them?

  21. carrie Identicon carrie says:

    I haven’t, but I think they’d be just fine re-heated in the toaster oven after being frozen!

  22. Joy Identicon Joy says:

    This is just what I am looking for, although the last recipe I had used like this didn’t have any leavning added, at least from what I recall. I will see if I can make this egg free using bananas and post it when I bake it. :)

    Thanks a bunch!

  23. Cyndy Identicon Cyndy says:

    I am interested in trying this recipe. From the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, my daughter found a recipe that was very similar except that it added 1/4 c. ghee to the batter and it called for 2x the amount of honey. Otherwise the recipes are identical. Looking forward to trying this new version.

  24. Bree Identicon Bree says:

    Just made these. Wish I’d remembered to soak the almonds before grinding them, but I will next time! I was looking for things to pack in the kids’ lunchboxes that weren’t so carb, carb, carb. These were great, thank you so much (by the way, I mixed all the ingredients in the food processor, including some white chocolate chips, which got all chopped up in the process, and the result was really great. I also used 1/3 maple syrup and 1/3 xylitol and 1/3 honey instead of all honey, as my kids find the honey taste too strong) It made about 48 mini-muffins.

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