Several weeks ago, I shared the amazing story of my son, Jonathan, in his recovery from “failure to thrive” through the use of raw goat milk formula. In that post, I did not include my recipe, but have since gotten inquiries for it. Google searches for goat milk formula uncover various results, but here’s what worked for Jonathan!

Disclaimer: It must be said that you should consult your health care practitioner for any and all infant feeding questions, and be certain that you have taken all measures in order to increase your breast milk supply if in fact you are supplementing for lack of milk as I was. Since I had thoroughly exhausted my efforts at increasing supply, I sought the most high-quality alternative under the supervision of two naturopathic doctors. Also, make sure to get a supply of goat milk from a farmer you can trust. If you must use pasteurized goat milk, you can do so as well.

This recipe is adapted from Dr. Mary Enig & Sally Fallon’s Milk-Based Formula recipe in Nourishing Traditions:

Raw Goat Milk Formula
36 ounces:

2 cups raw goat milk

2 cups filtered water

1/4 cup liquid whey from goat yogurt or kefir (contains lots of good probiotics and is very nourishing; making it more like breast milk. To get whey simply strain goat milk yogurt or fil mjolk from see my resources page) 1 -2 tsp organic blackstrap molassas (start with less, add more if needed. This provides B-vitamins, iron, trace minerals, and helped relieve constipation.)

2 tsp raw agave nectar (adds carbs, necessary for brain growth. Alternatively, you could use lactose, but I wanted to avoid this as I could not find a source that was made from goat milk since Jonathan was reacting to anything made from cow milk. Organic Brown Rice Syrup is also an option, but I didn’t like the processing involved here. Obviously honey is out.)

1/4 tsp of bifodobacterium infantis (I used Metagenics “Bifidus” which is a dairy-free culture and of high quality. Also, Bio-Kult is a strong probiotic that has been used with infants as well. Consult your ND! Available through naturopaths, chiropractors, and other practitioners. BioKult can be purchased on my Resources page)

1/2 teaspoon high-vitamin cod liver oil (Check out the Resources Page)

1 tsp unrefined sunflower oil (Rapunzel brand)

1 tsp extra virgin olive oil

2 tsp virgin coconut oil (this is very important, as it contains lauric acid which is a medium-chain fatty acid. It’s an important antiviral, antifungal that’s found in breast milk)

2 tsp nutritional yeast (this is also very important as it contains the B vitamins. I like Bob’s Red Mill “Food Yeast” and Frontier as well. They are MSG-FreeĀ )

1/4 teaspoon amla or NOW acerola powder (I prefer amla, as it does not contain any extra additives, and I found this for cheap in an Indian store)

Blend all ingredients together in a blender. Pour into individual glass bottles or one large. To warm, place in a pan of simmering water. Never use a microwave. This formula is best made daily to preserve freshness and to optimize nutrition.

Notes: Many recipes say to add frozen, raw goat liver for the purposes of replacing B vitamins. I never did this, but did begin feeding my son pureed chicken liver at 6 months.

Any questions or comments are much appreciated, although I will NOT be debating the issue of feeding raw goat milk to a baby, for it is a real, nourishing alternative to the limited, nasty canned formula options on the market, which are laden which ultra-high temperature processed, denatured milk with a myriad of refined corn and soy oils, with corn syrup added. This stuff is not food. Wet nurses were not an option for me, and neither was starvation. This is what worked, and worked amazingly well!

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10 Responses to “Goat Milk Formula Recipe”

  1. pamelaknits Identicon pamelaknits says:

    Just read your Goat Milk Formula Recipe. Thought I would tell you about my experience. I’m a grandmother now and raised 6 children. While nursing our 4th sometime during his 3rd month my milk must have started decreasing and decreased so much that our son started loosing weight and then my milk suddenly just stopped. We went and got goats milk from a gentlemen we knew and using straight goats milk and adding black strap mollassed with it he filled out fast and was a thriving chubby little boy before long. Today he’s tall and healthy and will be turning 28 this summer!

  2. Kelly the Kitchen Kop Identicon Kelly the Kitchen Kop says:

    Pamela, what a cool testimony!

    Carrie, this recipe is going to help so many people!! I’m glad you posted it. I’m going to stumble it and add it to my baby care post. I have to say that this recipe looks more simpler than the one on the WAPF site, too. :)


  3. Jennifer B. Identicon Jennifer B. says:

    Hey Carrie… been lurking on your site for awhile.. really love it… I am feeding my daughter a version of the goats milk formula… she fell a couple percentiles when she got sick this year. I’ve noticed either the lactose or nutritional yeast is contributing to nasal congestion. She is 13 months now and was on commercial formula for her first 10 months with a little breast milk… At her age do you know if the sugars are still necessary (I know that most people have their toddlers on just whole milk).

    Thank you!

  4. Jillbert Identicon Jillbert says:

    I’ll bet this taste a whole lot better than formula, too! I’m curious about why the goat milk is diluted? And at what point can you switch to just straight milk (no additives, no dilution, etc).

  5. Carrie @ OrganicThrifty Identicon Carrie @ OrganicThrifty says:


    What a great testimony! Thank you so much for adding to this post!


    Thanks so much forth encouragement and the link love! I sure hope this can help some!


  6. Carrie @ OrganicThrifty Identicon Carrie @ OrganicThrifty says:

    Jennifer B,

    Wow,what a saga! I can totally relate!

    As for the sugars, I think that by 13 months it would mostly be for taste, provided that the carbs are coming from other food sources.

    Keep me posted on how it goes!


  7. Carrie @ OrganicThrifty Identicon Carrie @ OrganicThrifty says:


    The goat milk formula does taste much better! My son sucked it down in about 5 minutes the first time!

    The reason I dilute the goat milk is because it is so nutritent-dense that it can be difficult on the kidneys full strength.

    As the baby gets older, the amount of water can be reduced. When the baby is over 12 months, he should be able to handle the goat milk full strength, as my son has!

    Keep us posted!


  8. Brandy Identicon Brandy says:

    Thank you for the recipe! I really could have used it with my third child, but we made do at the time with something similar but inferior.

    For b. infantis, Natren now has a goat-milk based strand! It is a little more expensive than the cow strand, but it works great.

  9. kefir grains man Identicon kefir grains man says:

    once again, another great recipe to try out! thanks for sharing… however, it concerns me a little that you used raw milk.. have been hearing alot of news lately on it. in some states it is illegal to buy/sell raw cow’s milk, is it the same for goat’s milk? and anyone know why it’s illegal in the first place? just wondering. : )

  10. Dr.Rutledge Identicon Dr.Rutledge says:

    Hi Carrie,

    Great post. Thanks for sharing the Goat Milk Formula recipe.

    I'm a physician and former faculty member at Harvard and Stanford Medical Schools. I discovered your blog while looking for the best health writers on the web. I reviewed your posts, and think your writing would be a great addition to the Organic & Sustainable Community on Wellsphere, a top 5 health website that has nearly 5 million visitors monthly. If you would like to learn more about how you can join our Health Blogger Network, republish your blog posts and be featured on the Wellsphere platform, just drop me an email at


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