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In my practice, I talk to my clients quite a lot about the liver.   Pretty much all of our problems begin and end with the liver.  It’s no surprise, as this organ performs over 300 metabolic processes to keep us alive each day! The word “liver” is derived from the Old English word for “life”, and it’s no wonder because the liver seems to be the key to life.  It is even able to regenerate itself given the right nutrients and circumstances!  But did you know it can take up to 2 years to fully rebuild your liver?  By sticking to the right diet and detoxification protocols, you will provide your liver the best possible circumstances in which to regenerate and renew.  And we all know the affects that stress, exogenous hormone use, poor diets, and nutrient depletion do for our livers (if you don’t, I’ll bring you up to speed in future posts!).

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You want to feed your baby the best.  We all do.  As they grow older and begin to eat solids, how can we give them the best start possible with whole foods?   If we take a look at what babies around the world, in traditional cultures are fed, we find that nutrient density is key.  If we take a look at what is for sale on the “baby food” aisle of the grocery store, we see that sugar, white flour, and cheap processed foods abound.  This is conventional wisdom, but is this the best start for babies? Read the rest of this entry »

 There is great news out there for all of you Gluten-Free folks.  Someone has finally created a bread that actually holds up in a sandwich and tastes delicious on toast.  Yes, it’s rather high in carbs, but that’s what you get when you decide to eat bread, right?  Udi’s not only makes great breads, but they have bagels and muffins as well.  I am not getting any compensation from Udi’s for sharing this. 

To downoad a $1 off coupon for Udi’s Bread, visit Udi’s Website.  Then go buy some bread for your gluten-free Thanksgiving guests. They will humbly weep and thank you profusely. I promise.  No pressure, Nanna.

As you may or may not be aware, there is a Food Safety Bill that’s been going through Congress for the past year or so.  The Bill’s objective is to create tighter regulations for food safety in the US, which is an excellent idea given the almost weekly new “outbreaks” of contaminated food ranging from peanut butter to spinach.  Oddly enough, when you trace the food from table back to farm, you find that most of the food we buy from the supermarket changes hands often, resulting in many potential avenues for contamination.  It comes as no big surprise that these regulations will be stiff and costly, and only the “big Agribusiness” conglomerates will be able to afford them.  While many organic food companies and farms such as Cascadian and Stoneyfield are owned by large Agri-Corporations, (and thus will be able to absorb the costs of the regulations), the small farmers that operate through direct-marketing and CSAs will likely not be able to conform to the regulartions. Read the rest of this entry »

When one thinks of Costco, one often conjures up images of party packs of Pizzas, insanely huge cakes, and industrial-size bags of cheetos.  But can Costco be a healthy, even Organic and Thrifty place to shop?

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Functional hypothyroidism is on the rise, and it effects more of us than we realize. While a traditional thyroid panel may not reveal it, there are many, many people who go undiagnosed with hypothyroidism yet still have all of the symptoms.  There are many, many reasons for decreased thyroid function, and they are beyond the scope of this article.    However, the goal of this article is to simply share some thoughts on how to eat if you are struggling with symptoms of a sluggish thyroid. Read the rest of this entry »

Have you seen the new “eco-cup”? It’s awesome!  I was able to bargain for one for free at Office Depot (it’s a long story) not too long ago and I love it!  Now that autumn is becoming a reality, it’s time to think back on the hot beverages that sustain us through the winter.  Although I know I’m in the minority, it seems like we Americans have got to get a grip on our collective coffee additction. Fortunately the stuff makes me feel awful, so I naturally avoid it, but for so many others (and I know you’re out there) it’s a habit, a fix—an addiction? Read the rest of this entry »

Please forgive the lack of picture here. Our camera has decided to “pursue other opportunities” as a paperweight, so we are in the market for a new one.  Luckily Costco is having a good price on a higher-quality camera, so perhaps the next generation of blog photos will look a bit more professional! One can only hope…..but back to the scones. If there ever were a more picture-perfect breakfast, I haven’t seen one in a while.  One that was delicious, nourishing, and grain-free at least!  Read on…. Read the rest of this entry »

Today begins a several-part series on nutritional therapy and healing through diet, based on some notes and reflections on my own and my daughter’s health journey for the last five years.  Her story is a living testimony at how damaging antibiotics and processed food can be, and how healing nourishing foods are!  And my story highlights just how amazing and far-reaching the effects of optimal nutrition for energy, weight loss, positive mood, and healthy skin.

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